The Editor

Welcome to The Outpost,

My name is Nick and I am a professional writer and multimedia specialist based in Ireland.

This blog is my idea of an online outpost, or a retreat of sorts, where I can sit back and enjoy the topics I write and photograph (picture Hunter S. Thompson writing on a type writer on a beach kind of vibe, and if you can’t, here is what it looks like).

In 2019, I graduated with a First Class Honours Journalism degree and in the top three of my class from Dublin Technological University (TUD). During my time in college I was the editorial assistant with the Irish Runner, Press Officer for the Irish Cycling National Championships 2017 and freelanced for various publications on any topic i could sink my pen into.

I have developed a huge passion for the written word and really enjoy working in such environments. This blog is in one way to showcase my interests and passions in the best way I know how: In the hope of entertaining you, while keeping myself busy.

A selection of my published articles;

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