Picture essay: Bundoran, a quick stop in the sleepy surfer town


Walking through Bundoran one Tuesday during a rare sunny day in the West of Ireland I was struck by two things. Firstly, the all day carnival, where rides were swinging and swooping to distorted dance music blaring through tired speakers.

The second was a group of surfers who were ripping and gliding off the rocky edge of the coast.

Done for the day

How can you tell a full time surfer from a weekend warrior in Ireland? Faded neoprene, sun scarred surfboards, 6ft waves and the fact it was 11am on a Tuesday morning.


The promenade, filled mostly with tourists had a few of neoprene clad dudes making their way to, and from the water.

A local cycles in full wetsuit to the waves

As some made their way to the water front, others spent some time sitting, reading the waves, admiring other surfers or simply enjoying the temporarily claustrophobic feeling sun creates on dry neoprene before jumping into cold water.


Time moved slowly in Bundoran.

Done for the morning

Shot on Nikon D7100, 70-200mm.

Home bound

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